The modern society overflows with abundant information and civilized materials. Mankind tried to make an effort to solve physical problems, sufferings, and diseases. Ironically, we came to prolong our life span with the help of advanced modern medicine just to realize further problems of spiritual thirst, emotional emptiness and hurt. In spite of the spectacular high technology in medicine, we still face the limits of human being and battle with newly discovered illnesses.

We have good news! Jesus Christ has died on the cross to give us freedom. He took up every sin, grief, rejection, sickness, and disease of the entire human race on his body and died in order to pay the price on behalf of us. He became a curse so that we can be righteous with God. Jesus wants us to receive overflowing blessings of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of Jesus coming to this world is not only for the salvation and eternal life after death but also for whole freedom from the bondage and shackles of sin and sinful nature of our current lives.

Our spirit ministry is to comprehend His grace that every tangles in our lives can be solved on the basis of the biblical point of view and under the guides of the Holy Spirit. You could be saved spiritually and physically by His power.

The intention of our ministry is to do the work that pleases the Lord in first priority and to reveal His authority over every corners of our lives. This ministry can also prepare you to minister to others who are in difficulties and misery.

We welcome you to come and visit our ministry and experience the Lord as comforter and healer.

Though it might be hard for you to understand how this ministry functions in the beginning, you could feel free to visit us and experience freedom from spiritual, psychological, physical restraints.

If you particularly have hypochondria, insomnia, hagridden, auditory hallucination, or other diseases accompanied with pain, you will experience break through in 3 days at the earliest by healing power of the Lord.

Please visit our ministry with wide open mind and let God flourish you with His love.